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Many adults of a certain age are familiar with Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show - the Neil Diamond song on which this animated short is based. A light-hearted look at the Al- Gore-as-revivalist-environmental-preacher phenomenon.

[original song at Amazon here]                      [lyrics here]


For a Bit of Comic Relief, Yossi Vardi Fights Local Warming

This tongue-in-cheek 6-minute presentation was delivered at a TED Conference in 2007. Visit TED.com for intellectually stimulating videos on a wide range of topics.


CheatNeutral.com is a parody web site that spoofs the idea of carbon offsets. On this web site you can assuage the feelings of guilt that accompany infidelity by making a financial contribution to those more virtuous. Reads the site: "When you cheat on your partner you add to the heartbreak, pain and jealousy in the atmosphere. CheatNetural can help you offset your indiscretions...by funding someone else to be faithful."

The web site creators believe global warming is a serious problem. Armed with a sense of humor, they poke fun at people who, rather than changing their lifestyles, choose instead to make up for their alleged carbon sins by purchasing carbon offsets. [go to the web site]


Comic George Carlin was known for his politically-incorrect honesty as well as his profanity. In this clip he explores "the greatest arrogance of all" - saving the planet.
[Read a blog post about this video here.]


The Aztec Solution

Anyone who has read scientific journal papers devoted to one of the many arcane topics associated with global warming will appreciate this tongue-in-cheek paper published in the Australian cultural journal, Quadrant.

In earnest, scholarly tones, the paper argues that global warming can be prevented by appeasing the sun god via the practice of human sacrifice à la the Aztecs: "The evidence supports a revival of (humane) human sacrifice (HHS) as a mechanism for retarding environmental degradation and reducing dangerous climate change."

The paper concludes: "In Australia, the government should offer generous grants to HHS dependants; issue free...sacrificial credits to working families; create a new Order of the Bleeding Heart; and restructure the now redundant carbon emissions trading scheme as the Human Pollution Reduction Scheme. These initiatives would send a strong message to the world...that this country is serious about climate change." [read the paper here]


Heard about the environmental activist website DeSmogBlog?
Don't miss the parody site

Like the tyrannical Dolores Umbridge in the fifth Harry Potter novel, DeSoggyBog thinks those with alternative points-of-view should be forced to write: "I must not tell lies." DeSoggyBog is a project of NOconsensus.org  [go to DeSoggyBog]


Stop Global Whining - a catchy 2-minute music video by folks who don't think the climate is in crisis.

"The Earth's been heating up and cooling back down since the day it started spinning 'round and 'round."


Melting Ice Caps Expose Hundreds of Secret Arctic Lairs

"Receding polar ice caps have revealed nearly 200 clandestine lairs once buried deep beneath hundreds of feet of Arctic ice," reads this article from the satirical publication, The Onion. The article does a great job of capturing the tone of numerous real-life news stories written about such topics. 

""We always assumed there would be some secret lairs here and there, but the sheer number now being exposed is indeed troubling," said noted climatologist Anders Lorenzen.

"In August alone we discovered 44 mad scientist laboratories, three highly classified military compounds, and seven reanimated and very confused cavemen. That's more than twice the number we had found in the previous three decades combined."

"This is no longer conjecture," Lorenzen added. "This is a full-blown crisis." [read the full piece here]



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