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Re-launching January 1st 2018
Obesity, diet pills & death
Suddenly sick - the foibles of medical science
Steven Chu's juvenile score keeping
Science funding misinformation
Bill Nye, fake facts & the New York Times
Science and the Issue of trust
Trump, Stalin & fake news
US scientific integrity rules repudiate IPCC process


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The Delinquent Teenager is...one of the most important pieces of investigative journalism in recent years.

Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist

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Re-launching January 1st 2018 (Dec 19)
Obesity, diet pills & death (Apr 10)
Suddenly sick - the foibles of medical science (Mar 29)
Steven Chu's juvenile score keeping (Mar 13)
Science funding misinformation (Mar 5)
Bill Nye, fake facts & the New York Times (Feb 20)
Science and the Issue of trust (Feb15)
Trump, Stalin & fake news (Feb 6)
US scientific integrity rules repudiate IPCC process (Jan 29)
Politicizing science at the US Dept. of Energy (Jan 27)
Obama's war on the media (Jan 15)
Medical researchers vs the UN climate panel (Jan 10)
Wind turbines: lots of problems, no free energy (Jan 3)
Our ignorance is breathtaking - we should be humble (Dec 20)
Fake news: not new and not rare (Dec 16)
Greens & feminists: equally nasty (Dec 12)
Left-wing climate reexamination (Dec 8)
Empty bellies & carbon taxed food (Dec 6)
How peer review is used to shut down debate (Nov 1)
Peer review is bunk (Oct 27)
Canada's carbon tax drama (Oct 6)
Obama's electric car fail (Sept 15)
Michael Mann's peer review dogma (Sept 6)
Climate Hustle: moi on the big screen (May 1)
The climate inquisition: attorney generals go rogue (Apr 20)
Is science really self-correcting? (Apr 11)
Another look at science (Apr 1)
Pachauri criminal charges total 1,400 pages (Mar 1)
The WWF: thugs & guns against pygmies (Feb 16)
David Suzuki: enemy of free speech (Feb 8)
Carbon taxes: real misery, imaginary results (Jan 28)
Bob Carter: scientist, mentor, extraordinary man (Jan 24)
Beware the green lobby (Jan 14)
Power transfer at Greenpeace (Jan 12)
Back to basics (Jan 8, 2016)
Climate question of the year (Dec 20)
The IPCC's post-Paris political rallying cry (Dec 15)
Paris and the poor (Dec 14)
Forget Paris, here's a real climate news story (Dec 11)
COP21’s green gibberish (Dec 8)
Doom mongers: the quiz (Nov 23)
The climate show carries on (Nov 18)
The naked climate change emperor (Nov 11)
21 days until Paris (Nov 9)
Journalist Philippe Verdier terminated (free speech 6) (Nov 2)
Flagrant climate PR from the Aussie Associated Press (Oct 29)
Private jet airport hosts Paris climate summit (Oct 21)
The preposterous green institute & the IPCC (Oct 19)
French weatherman taken off air (no free speech 5) (Oct 16)
Hoesung Lee: new IPCC leader (Oct 14)
The courts & the climate (Oct 13)
The unseemly Lord Carnwath (Oct 7)
Supreme Court Justice Carnwath: climate activist (Oct 5)
Climate secrets at the UK Supreme Court (Oct 3)
RICO20 letter to President Obama disappears (Sept 29)
Silencing dissent via the courts (no free speech 4) (Sept 22)
Silencing dissent via the police (no free speech 3) (Sept 18)
In league with the devil (no climate free speech 2) (Sept 15)
No climate free speech - Part 1 (Sept 13)
Getting serious about climate (Sept 8)
Greenpeace: employer from hell (Sept 4)
3 things scientists need to know about the IPCC (Sept 1)
A few words about the Pope (June 21)
The future isn't ours to dictate (June 9)
Will Pachauri be held accountable by green activists? (May 29)
Pachauri accuser 'vindicated' (May 23)
Petition to oust Pachauri (May 19)
Pachauri tries to ban sex scandal reporting (May 10)
Oh no, the weather's going to be superb! (May 8)
Kofi Annan's infantile climate morality (May 5)
Van Ypersele: the activist who wants to run the IPCC (Apr 28)
The Nobel lie that just won't die (Apr 25)
Indian courts to Pachauri: no travel for you (Apr 23)
The UN's fake news machine (Apr 22)
Court rejects Pachauri, summit says he's speaker (Apr 20)
Do science bodies know whereof they speak? (Apr 17)
The Al Gore alarm-o-rama (Apr 9)
Asking the wrong question (Apr 7)
Climate special interests condemn special interests (Mar 29)
Scientists object to intellectual freedom (Mar 27)
Do Joe Romm & fellows think sex misconduct is OK? (Mar 26)
Another reason Pachauri book may be disappearing (Mar 23)
Pachauri's dirty memoir: so hot it's radioactive? (Mar 22)
Pachauri vs the police (Mar 21)
Pachauri's TERI: not a safe place for women (Mar 19)
How much did Greenpeace pay van Ypersele? (Mar 17)
Van Ypersele: a terrible choice for IPCC chairman (Mar 16)
My interview with India's Sify News (Mar 12)
An open letter to the men of TERI (Mar 11)
Pachauri talks ethics in gender justice book (Mar 9)
Rajendra Pachauri & International Women's Day (Mar 6)
Pachauri's sofa (Mar 2)
Mumbai columnist: 'creepy crawlie' Pachauri (Feb 28)
Pachauri's incredible shrinking footprint (Feb 26)
Pachauri admitted to hospital (Feb 25)
Rajendra Pachauri's resignation letter (Feb 24)
Woman #2's story (Feb 23)
More women accuse Pachauri (Feb 22)
Chairman Pachauri's messy messages (Feb 21)
Indian court rejects Pachauri publication ban (Feb 20)
Police ponder Pachauri assault & stalking charges (Feb 19)
Sex allegations against IPCC's Pachauri (Feb 18)
Health care or climate change? (Feb 17)
Fanatics for Mother Gaia (Feb 15)
By their language we shall know them (Feb 12)
Pachauri jury gives own member an award (Feb 8)
Murder & misinformation (Feb 4)
Grandkids deserve living grandparents (Feb 2)
Fossil fuel funded science communication (Jan 31)
Greenpeace, Auschwitz & mass murder (Jan 28)
Celebrities, the UN & ad agencies (Jan 26)
Green incompetence isn't sustainable (Jan 23)
When journalists question catastrophe (Jan 21)
Science doesn't always have answers (Jan 20)
Hottest year claim: tiny change, imaginary number (Jan 19)
Pointless predictions (Jan 2)
Greenpeace: we spit on your sacred spaces (Dec 11)
When emissions disappear, so do jobs (Dec 4)
Chris Rapley: when bureaucrats pose as scientists (Nov 26)
Another climate change ransom note (Nov 17)
IPCC links new report to sneering Stephen Schneider (Nov 2)
Waking up from the green nightmare (Oct 20)
Medical journals undermine their own credibility (Oct 11)
The Royal Society and the Scottish referendum (Sept 26)
Who signed the climate declaration? (Sept 22)
Saving civilization: 2009 vs 2015 (Sept 20)
More dubious eco laureates (Sept 18)
About those 160 eco laureates (Sept 16)
The WMO's macabre climate fiction (Sept 2)
When the media makes you weep (Sept 1)
Tiny imaginations, big egos (July 9)
'No culture of accountability' at Greenpeace (June 23)
Countdown to disaster - Drama Queen Files Exhibit #11 (June 16)
Screw the poor, our eyes are fixed on tomorrow (June 8)
Do climate scientists approve? Who cares? (June 4)
Obama, coal & climate (June 1)
Experts condemn the IPCC at US hearing (May 29)
Whither intellectual freedom? (May 15)
IPCC wiki launched - volunteers needed (May 11)
Delusions climatic & otherwise at the NYTimes (Apr 22)
3 reasons not to trust the new climate report (Apr 15)
The IPCC, the police & Greenpeace (Apr 14)
The IPCC: bar the media, welcome the activists (Apr 12)
Europe bound (speaking dates) (Apr 7)
The WWF activist in charge at the IPCC (Mar 30)
Bleeding edge research in the new IPCC report (Mar 27)
The IPCC: providing 'Hope for Our Earth' (Mar 26)
A mother, a daughter & a new IPCC leak (Mar 25)
Your guide to the new IPCC report (Mar 24)
UN employees as IPCC authors (Mar 23)
Conflict-of-Interest in the IPCC's new Chapter 7 (Mar 21)
IPCC deja vu: feedback ignored, error published (Mar 20)
Supposedly 'conservative' IPCC thwarts own safeguards (Mar 18)
What will disappear from the IPCC summary? (Mar 17)
Climate change express: ignoring you at every meal (Mar 14)
Where's the science at the IPCC? (Mar 11)
Bob Ward's despicable harassment campaign (Mar 7)
Rat snake Bob (Mar 5)
Blog of the year nomination (Mar 5)
Woodrow Clark: thin Nobel gruel (Mar 1)
Green energy trade show hires fake Nobel laureate (Feb 27)
Skepticism used to be a scientific virtue (Feb 24)
Judith Curry, free speech champion (Feb 23)
The IPCC official and the loaded gun (Feb 13)
Government tells public they're morons (Feb 11)
Video interview: activists & the UN climate process (Feb 9)
Wind energy meeting silences the public (Feb 7)
A historical perspective on hysterical rhetoric (Feb 4)
The Church of Global Warming's changing catechism (Feb 2)
UK adventure (Jan 24)
Neil Young's Hiroshima - drama queen exhibit #10 (Jan 20)
The invisible Judith Curry (Jan 17)
The WWF: still donning the science costume (Jan 15)
Gratitude (Jan 13)
Five years later (Jan 10)
Professor of climate change, Chris Turney (Jan 2)
The global warming prophecy (Dec 30)
Warmth: another word for well-being (Dec 24)
Physicist calls IPCC summary ‘deeply unscientific’ (Dec 20)
I'm invited - parts 2 & 3 (Dec 19)
Doubt is not a sin (Dec 18)
Doubting is Thinking - a blog from Spain (Dec 17)
IPCC called a 'Global Thinker of 2013' (Dec 14)
Polar bear politics and the WWF (Dec 12)
IPCC officials keen to remake the world (Dec 11)
Does the IPCC do science? (Dec 7)
That silly coal speech - part 2 (Dec 4)
Anti-democratic green activism (Dec 3)
Independent Greenpeace? Never mind (Dec 2)
UN climate fanatics (Nov 29)
That silly coal speech (Nov 27)
Climate skepticism in Norway (Nov 25)
The creepy climate conference (Nov 20)
Today's climate summit press conferences (Nov 19)
What a nasty, scandalously rigged system (Nov 18)
Initial dispatch: the Warsaw climate summit (Nov 15)
I'm invited (Nov 15)
Ad featuring Roger Pulwarty withdrawn (Nov 14)
Inside the Warsaw climate summit (Nov 12)
IPCC author stars in sleazy, fake Nobel ad campaign (Nov 9)
The IPCC's 'sharpest critic' (Nov 6)
IPCC summary: the real story (Nov 4)
NYTimes call this blog 'hostile' to the IPCC (Nov 2)
New IPCC leak - WG2's Summary for Policymakers (Nov 1)
Canadian MP withdraws false Nobel claim (Oct 31)
When governments cite Greenpeace (Oct 29)
The IPCC: looking 95% foolish (Oct 28)
The three languages of politics (Oct 27)
Greenpeace's menacing 'Angry Kid' (Oct 24)
Kirsty Duncan: Canada's fake Nobel laureate MP (Oct 23)
What is Christiana Figueres thinking? (Oct 22)
Think you know Greenpeace? Look again (Oct 20)
Fake Nobel laureates & the White House (Oct 17)
Official launch of FakeNobelLaureates.com (Oct 16)
The IPCC report as ink blot test (Oct 15)
Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct 11)
Quote of the year: climate models have problems (Oct 10)
Greenpeace & the IPCC report (Oct 9)
2 Arctic Circle fake Nobel laureates (Oct 8)
Rich guy rubbish - drama queen files exhibit #9 (Oct 7)
Fake Nobel laureate Steve Running (Oct 6)
What Reuters said about the IPCC's 1995 report (Oct 3)
10 pages of IPCC science mistakes? (Oct 2)
Fooling reporters is easy, just ask the IPCC (Oct 1)
The IPCC: yowling cat in a tree (Sept 30)
The bad novel and the new climate report (Sept 29)
9,000 Nobel pretenders (Sept 27)
Why the IPCC meeting isn't being televised (Sept 26)
My 'Wall Street Journal' op-ed (Sept 25)
The IPCC: not what you think it is (Sept 24)
The IPCC's political chairman (Sept 23)
Rajendra Pachauri, fake nobel laureate (part 5) (Sept 22)
'Nature' spin elevates third-tier IPCC official to chair (Sept 21)
Rajendra Pachauri, fake nobel laureate (part 4) (Sept 19)
On journalism, skepticism & a lawsuit (Sept 18)
Rajendra Pachauri, fake nobel laureate (part 3) (Sept 17)
Goldenberg: eco activist disguised as a journalist (Sept 16)
Rajendra Pachauri, fake nobel laureate (part 2) (Sept 15)
Rajendra Pachauri, fake nobel laureate (part 1) (Sept 14)
PR firm enlisted to convince leaders to ignore public (Sept 12)
The important '50 to 1' project (Sept 11)
Into the Dustbin (my new book) (Sept 10)
See you in September (Aug 7)
What would a bad job look like? (Aug 5)
The IPCC, UFOs & pseudoscience (July 31)
Nobel laureate summer reading - part 4 (July 29)
Nobel laureate summer reading - part 3 (July 27)
Nobel laureate summer reading - part 2 (July 25)
Nobel laureate summer reading - part 1 (July 24)
Mark Jaccard re-writes history (July 23)
WWF partners with country where rape victims jailed (July 21)
When name-calling passes for journalism (July 19)
The IPCC chairman's fake second PhD (July 18)
Dumb, formulaic 'Avatar' inspires WWF leader (July 16)
Distressed planet, 1990 - 2013 (July 15)
Pachauri's latest award...'conflict-of-interest'? (July 14)
Climate holocaust (drama queen files, exhibit 8) (July 13)
David Suzuki: Canada is 'Full' (July 11)
Some kind of narcissism: WWF saving life itself (July 10)
Earth League: self-important, self-appointed busybodies (July 9)
Proof the UN doesn't believe there's a climate crisis (July 8)
Greens bludgeon democracy (July 6)
The UN's pretend climate scientists (July 4)
More on Stephen Emmott, author of 'Ten Billion' (July 3)
The coming hellhole - Exhibit 7, drama queen files (July)
Rare bird slaughtered by wind turbine (June 29)
Canada - green pariah or world's best reputation? (June 28)
Dumb energy vs smart energy (June 27)
Obama dresses CO2 in a big bad wolf costume (June 25)
The Sierra Club's violent, totalitarian tendencies (June 24)
'Carbon pollution' jargon is sick and twisted (June 23)
Media fail: John Cook's atom bombs (June 22)
Visit from an Australian film crew (June 20)
A question for John Kerry: where's your evidence? (June 19)
The green jobs fairy tale (June 18)
The United Nations mindset (June 17)
Have we run out of time yet? (June 16)
Green energy quote of the day (June 15)
The IPCC: politicizing science since 1988 (June 13)
WWF derides 'vocal minority' views (June 12)
The open letter to American universities (June 11)
The tale of the non-endangered gray wolf (June 10)
Don't let your daughters...be this kind of scientist (June 9)
Why fossil fuels improve the planet (June 6)
Putting the 'activist' in scientist (June 5)
So you want to live in harmony with nature? (June 4)
Ed Davey, the UK's energy bully (June 3)
The mouse that roared - starring the Marshall Islands (May 31)
An artist talks nonsense about green energy (May 30)
Green energy unicorns (May 29)
Young greens say the darndest things (May 27)
The divestment dreamworld (May 26)
They call this higher education? (May 24)
The Royal Society gets radical (May)
Recent press releases (May 21)
The playing field isn't remotely level (May 19)
WWF gets into bed with oppressive dictatorship (May 18)
Two quotes from Mark Jaccard: 2013 vs 2011 (May 15)
Speakers' bureau still says Jaccard is a Nobel laureate (May 14)
The drama queen files - Exhibit #6 (May 13)
The way nature intended (May 12)
The scare story of 1881 (May 10)
The male-dominated green landscape (May 9)
The drama queen files - Exhibit #5 (May 8)
Two views on science, pollution & pristine lakes (May 6)
What does half-a-million in science grants buy you? (May 5)
WWF takes pre-schooler's birthday money (May 4)
David Suzuki: all mining must stop (May 2)
Where do wind turbines comes from? (May 1)
Isn't it too darn hot? (Apr 30)
Secret climate meetings (Apr 28)
How climate scientists think (Apr 26)
Lab coats don't make you infallible (Oliver vs Hansen) (Apr 25)
Earth Day an oil industry scam? (Apr 23)
Earth Day 1970 (drama queen files, exhibit #4) (Apr 22)
What Rick Mercer didn't tell us about the ZENN car (Apr 21)
Latest from WWF: eco-indoctrination of slum kids (Apr 19)
A few crumbs of pastry: more Nobel nonsense (Apr 18)
Marc Jaccard, counterfeit Nobel laureate (Apr 16)
Oil spills by the numbers (Apr 15)
The mysterious wilderness international (Apr 14)
The 'smart storms' hockey stick (Apr 12)
A normal day in climate science (Apr 11)
Public relations firms & climate change (Apr 10)
Where the money goes (Apr 9)
Judges call eco activists 'pirates' (Apr 8)
Rajendra Pachauri's conspiracy theory (Apr 6)
Greens against growth - except their own (Apr 4)
What the auditor didn't say (Apr 3)
Auditor General slams carbon offset system (Apr 2)
Greens vs the Auditor General (Apr 1)
New beginnings (Mar 29)
How we know the 'climate crisis' isn't real (Mar 27)
Speaking of the children (Mar 26)
For the sake of the children (Mar 25)
An hour of self delusion (Mar 23)
How Greenpeace defines happiness (Mar 21)
Prediction failed miserably? Just make a new one (Mar 20)
Indonesian official compares WWF to thieves (Mar 19)
Seeing polar bears (Mar 17)
Paul Krugman's old time climate religion (Mar 15)
Australia misleads the world about the IPCC (Mar 14)
New climategate development (Mar 13)
Papering over sappy Bill McKibben (Mar 12)
Being green isn't harmless (Mar 11)
Earth Hour, smog & Kim Jong Il (Mar 10)
It's always something (the 1924 edition) (Mar 8)
Hugo Chavez vs Prince Charles (Mar 7)
IPCC invites in the activists (Mar 6)
Manufacturing Earth Hour (Mar 4)
No wind, no sun, no power (Mar 3)
The drama queen files - Exhibit #3 (Mar 2)
Green fantasies, hard realities (Feb 28)
David Suzuki Ejects TV Crew (Feb 27)
Eco ethics: screw humans, the icebergs are bleeding (Feb 25)
Recent decades: an amazing global success story (Feb 23)
Managing human wildlife (Feb 22)
Greenpeace & UNEP - cozy under the bedcovers (Feb 21)
The Rajendra Pachauri puzzle (Feb 20)
The UN's food police (Feb 19)
The drama queen files - Exhibit #2 (Feb 18)
The drama queen files - Exhibit #1 (Feb 17)
Stealing Valentine candy from babies (Feb 15)
500 blog posts and counting (Feb 14)
The workshop presentation that never was (Feb 13)
Good news about polar bears (Feb 12)
About those tobacco connections... (Feb 11)
Watch the Al Gore machine manufacture 'facts' (Feb 10)
Writing about climate change (Feb 8 )
How committed to science is David Suzuki? (Feb 6)
Why taking WWF money matters (Feb 5)
Pachauri takes WWF money (Feb 4)
David Suzuki & John Abbott College (Feb 3)
Is climate change like gravity? (Feb 1)
Suzuki: money doesn't matter, here's my 30K invoice (Jan 31)
David Suzuki, dirty old man (Jan 30)
Pity Poland (Jan 29)
The Sierra Club's broken moral compass (Jan 27)
Meet 'one of the world's foremost climate scientists' (Jan 25)
Al Gore's travelin' global warming show (Jan 24)
The FoxNews interview (Jan 23)
Greenpeace's vision for America: unemployed, broke (Jan 22)
Europe today: stealing wood, burning wood (Jan 20)
Authors of 'extreme misrepresentation' (Jan 19)
Rajendra Pachauri, pessimist-in-chief (Jan 17)
Secret santa leak: translations & IPCC reaction (Jan 16)
Climate change morality (Jan 14)
Gutting democracy to save the planet (Jan 12)
Searchable secret santa (Jan 11)
Cogs in the climate machine (Jan 10)
Are a third of IPCC review editors MIA? (Jan 9)
IPCC legal notice (Jan 9)
The secret santa leak (Jan 8)
Happy New Year! (Jan 2)
Holiday cheer (blog donation button) (Dec 23)
This is called cheating (Part 2) (Dec 22)
Who is Hans Joachim Schellnhuber? (Dec 21)
This is called cheating (Part 1) (Dec 20)
IPCC intends to circumvent expert reviewers (Dec 15)
IPCC leak: this is what transparency looks like (Dec 14)
Tuvalu's gruesome animal friends (Dec 13)
The climate change echo chamber (Nov 27)
UN bureaucrats...science for undemocratic purposes (Nov 22)
2 IPCC annoucements (Nov 20)
Busy days (Nov 13)
Celebrating human life (Nov 6)
Logical conclusion to scientific prognostications? (Nov 2)
The 'screw science' media & Super Storm Sandy (Oct 30)
IPCC author becomes Green Party apparatchik (Oct 26)
'Climate Rebel' reporting in (Oct 22)
Deja va all over again...1991 book (Oct 11)
How science (really) works (Oct 9)
Another false alarm - 'The Dying of the Trees' (Oct 4)
Your future, courtesy of climate activists (Oct 2)
The anti-free-speech brigade (Sept 28)
Calgary, here I come (Sept 26)
Back soon (Sept 20)
Intermission (And Why Bill McKibben is an Utter Fool) (Aug 17)
Green death threats: 'change or die' (July 27)
US official: 'Activate your science' (July 24)
Delusions down under (July 11)
The WWF's supermarket offensive (July 9)
From Canada, with love (July 4)
Is the WWF telling the truth about electric cars? (July 2)
Solar pie-in-the-sky (June 28)
IPCC admits it isn't a 'gold standard' body (June 26)
The WWF's surveillance drones (June 25)
Liberty - the missing ingredient in the green analysis (June 21)
IPCC embraces geographic quotas (June 19)
Energy rocks our world (June 17)
Rio's anti-democracy summit (June 15)
Australia, I'm looking forward to meeting you (June 13)
The World Wildlife Fund's Rio+20 press release (June 12)
Masters of hypocrisy: Union of Concerned Scientists (June 8)
Canadian greens & their twisted democracy (June 5)
Poverty pollutes: Lomborg on the Rio+20 conference (June 4)
More on IPCC Chapter Head Neil Adger (May 31)
Der Spiegel skewers the World Wildlife Fund (May 30)
The IPCC: going where no scientist should go (May 29)
The activist economist & the IPCC (part 2) (May 26)
The activist economist & the IPCC (part 1) (May 24)
The WWF's living planet report (May 23)
Australian speaking tour (May 22)
The world wakes up to the World Wildlife Fund (May 7)
Why I won't be speaking at the Heartland conference (May 5)
Keeping the 'No Pressure' video alive (May 4)
The Environmental Defense Fund and the CIA (May 3)
The UN's environmental 'holocausts' (Apr 30)
Naked intolerance in the media (Apr 26)
Get 'em while they're young (WWF targets kids) (Apr 24)
Mother Mexico and the jackals (Apr 21)
David Suzuki's smoke & mirrors (Apr 18)
The WWF's soulless climate campaign (Apr 15)
Eco narcissists & their last chances (Apr 14)
The WWF's vast pool of oil money (Apr 11)
Disasters and the IPCC (Apr 10)
Thank you, British taxpayers (Apr 3)
Today's media: cheerleaders for the establishment (Apr 2)
Earth Hour organizers prey on Mexico (Mar 29)
The enormous CEO salaries behind Earth Hour (Mar 28)
Earth Hour: corporations preaching morality (Mar 27)
The wealthy corporations behind Earth Hour (Mar 26)
The Royal Society's blatherfest (Mar 24)
Canada's Senate, David Suzuki & The Delinquent Teen (Mar 21)
Fairy tales on the road to Rio (Mar 19)
Where is ground zero for climate change? (Mar 17)
The authoritarian impulse and climate change (Mar 13)
17 days later, Peter Gleick is back in the saddle (Mar 9)
UN climate chief's 'Green Crusader' award (Mar 8)
Write a heretical essay, win £8,500 (Mar 5)
Explosive Pachauri profile in Australian magazine (Mar 2)
Where do Gleick's apologists draw the line? (Feb 28)
Peter Gleick - then and now (Feb 24)
Opinion disguised as science (Feb 22)
Gleick speak (Feb 20)
Big oil money for me, but not for thee (Feb 17)
Closed minds at the IPCC (Feb 12)
The Royal Society's joyride (Feb 10)
Scientific consensus, leadership & Stephen Schneider (Feb 8)
Bob Carter: a geological perspective (Feb 6 )
Proselytizing to toddlers (Feb 3)
Pachauri pushes emissions reduction - again (Feb 2)
What Pachauri means by 'sustainable' (Jan 31)
Pachauri's 5-star sustainability summit (Jan 30)
Medical journals spearhead climate lynch mob (Jan 28)
Green energy: the auditor isn't impressed (Jan 26)
IPCC scientists - guests of the EDF (lobbyists) (Jan 21)
The pipeline, the jobs & the media (Jan 20)
Free speech is not negotiable: stop SOPA (Jan 18)
The Canadian (climate) paradox (Jan 16)
German-language news (Jan 14)
Those who claim to speak for the future (Jan 12)
Proud to be Canadian (Jan 10)
What financial meltdowns teach us about the IPCC (Jan 5)
Interviews (Jan 3)
Pachauri: it's too late to fight climate change (Jan 1)
The world's slowest learners (Dec 31)
Munich Christmas market (photos) (Dec 24)
Rajendra Pachauri: ever the activist (Dec 23)
When the police knock on your door (Dec 21)
The 'worst hit by climate change' contest (Dec 20)
Which other minorities should be blasted into space? (Dec 17)
Finally - real journalism on NGOs (Dec 14)
Over-the-top climate rhetoric (Dec 13)
'Delinquent Teen' press clippings (Dec 12)
When your paycheque depends on a climate crisis (Dec 8)
Pachauri's green torch bearers (Dec 6)
My own Josh cartoon (Dec 3)
Inside the IPCC: the Climategate e-mails (Nov 23)
Pachauri's rhetoric vs reality (Nov 22)
Pachauri interviewed by pretend journalist (Nov 20)
Pachauri: the little man who told big whoppers (Nov 19)
News & reviews (Nov 14)
The IPCC's fake review editor (Nov 9)
A dark day in Australia (Nov 8)
How to spot a delinquent teenager? (Nov 6)
When the IPCC makes an error, is it the journo's fault? (Nov 4)
Book sightings & an invite to Germany (Nov 3)
WWF-affiliated personnel in Working Group 1 (Nov 2)
UN climate warnings are so 1989 (Nov 1)
A paperback is born (Oct 28)
I'm interviewed about Peter Gleick & other matters (Oct 28)
Paperback update (Oct 26)
WWF Issues Press Release About My Book (Oct 24)
National Post excerpt & review (Oct 21)
Book review in an Arizona newspaper (Oct 20)
You folks are fantastic! (Oct 19)
Please review my book on Amazon (Oct 15)
A book is born (Oct 13)
WWF influence at the highest levels of the IPCC (Oct 4)
78 Names (Oct 1)
Glaciergate's other WWF connection (Sept 29)
Here an activist, there an activist (Sept 27)
How the WWF infiltrated the IPCC (Part 2) (Sept 26)
How the WWF infiltrated the IPCC (Sept 23)
Solyndra solar scandal gains traction (Sept 14)
Al Gore's money-grubbing (Sept 12)
Of footnotes & factchecking (book update) (Sept 7)
Moral leadership, climate change & the UN (Sept 5)
The IAC report one year later (Sept 1)
Comic book analysis from the leader of the IPCC (Aug 27)
Pachauri's squishy timeline (Aug 26)
The Journal of Climate & the IPCC (Aug 23)
The backstory to the 'fleeing species' claim (Aug 21)
Behind the aliens-will-smite-us news story (Aug 19)
Why I won't be renewing my 'Economist' subscription (Aug 17)
Comic relief (Aug 10)
The Y2K scare, the media & climate change (Aug 9)
Rajendra Pachauri: friend of the environment? (Aug 7)
Naming names: experts tainted by activist cash (Aug 5)
Pew, what's that smell? (Aug 4)
Greenpeace's fear machine (Aug 2)
Canadian scientists & the World Wildlife Fund (July 29)
How the IPCC defines 'distinguished scientist' (July 27)
Prof condemned for not teaching IPCC reports (July 25)
Calling skeptics stupid doesn't convince anyone (July 23)
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Al Gore's shameful new campaign (July 19)
About my book (July 14)
Looking for examples of the hockey stick graph (July 12)
IPCC bigwigs spout political, childish nonsense (July 10)
Chris Landsea and the Moral Midgets (July 7)
Chris Landsea, the IPCC, & the UCS (July 5)
Fanaticism 101 (July 2)
The thrashing of Al Gore continues (June 29)
Walter Russell Mead trashes Al Gore (June 26)
The activists, the media, and the public (June 24)
My fave chairman Pachauri quote (June 23)
Pachauri's cause (June 21)
Two population predictions (June 19)
Oodles of cash (June 17)
IPCC: These people haven't learned a thing (June 15)
Science is not a tyrant (June 14)
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The IPCC as UN funding mechanism (June 8)
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Peer-reviewed medical research critiqued (June 2)
That wobbly foundation: peer-reviewed research (May 30)
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E-book tipping point (May 22)
Swedish show trial (May 19)
IPCC: screw the rules (May 17)
The IPCC, the UK & Climate Censorship (May 16)
Blindspots at the IPCC (May 13)
The IPCC on renewable energy (May 10)
The Climate Caper (book review) (May 9)
Slivers of the Nobel pie (May 6)
Fixed: the IPCC's climate model evaluation game (May 3)
The case of Michael Oppenheimer (May 1)
Three cheers for new tech (Apr 30)
When the lights go out (Apr 29)
WWF's chief spokesperson joins IPCC (Apr 25)
Ka-ching! More Greenpeace money (Apr 22)
Clueless new IPCC policy ignores advocacy literature (Apr 21)
Speeding tickets and the IPCC (Apr 19)
Citizen audit anniversary (Apr 17)
The missing map (Apr 16)
A view from Portugal (Apr 15)
Hansen, Suzuki & Greenpeace (Apr 12)
Foul play on Facebook (Apr 10)
The state of the IPCC's leadership (Apr 9)
Pachauri's pal - the Worldwatch Institute (Apr 7)
The IPCC's activist chairman (Apr 5)
The IPCC's pretend neutrality (Apr 4)
Responses to the Japanese earthquake (Apr 2)
Politically incorrect prof may lose his job (Apr 1 2011)

Why is humanity always the fall guy? (Mar 31)
The horse manure problem (Mar 29)
Message from Australia (Mar 27)
The IPCC insider's club (Mar 25)
Earth Hour? I'll take a 'no nagging' hour (Mar 23)
Our man at the IPCC (Mar 22)
The missing questionnaires (Mar 21)
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Earth to scientists (Mar 18)
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Peer into the heart of the IPCC, find Greenpeace (Mar 14)
Was the fix in before the IPCC existed? (Mar 13)
Dr Nadelhoffer, I’m not impressed (Mar 11)
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Fiddling while infants perish (Mar 8)
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Are University of London PhDs confidential? (Mar 3)
Scientists speak out (Mar 2)
Not your grandfather's Greenpeace (Mar 1 2011)

Environmentalism runs amok (Feb 27)
You doubt monger, you (Feb 25)
Flying cars and sewing machines (Feb 24)
The never-policy-prescriptive Pachauri (Feb 23)
Bill McKibben says it's urgent (Feb 21)
Scientists have allowed themselves to be used (Feb 19)
Friday giggles (Feb 18)
Andrew Weaver vs Tim Flannery (Feb 16)
An IPCC history lesson (Feb 15)
It isn't a conspiracy: only money, fashion & power (Feb 14)
How do you say 'independent' in Australian? (Feb 13)
Bill McKibben's bad example (Feb 11)
Michael Crichton's legacy (Feb 10)
John Holdren's IPCC myths (Feb 9)
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Climategate 2.0 (Feb 7)
How does the IPCC safeguard against bias? (Feb 5)
NASA, climate change, and children (Feb 4)
Want kids to learn science? (Feb 3)
What they said about the climate models (Feb 2)
Teachers: the new green police (Feb 1, 2011)

Does the IPCC follow the rules? Insiders say 'No' (Jan 31)
Credit where it's due (Jan 29)
Mr. Chairman, your carriage awaits (Jan 28)
If IPCC meetings were televised (Jan 27)
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All for a Nobel cause (Jan 24)
Perceptions of Pachauri (Jan 22)
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Is the IPCC a scrutiny-free zone? (Jan 16)
The silent treatment (Jan 14)
Is a meteorologist a drought expert? (Jan 13)
Science website publishes WWF press releases (Jan 12)
Flooding in Australia (Jan 11)
IPCC errors: in the eye of the beholder (Jan 10)
New blog examines green history (Jan 9)
Does global warming look like Australia? (Jan 7)
Greenpeace: corporate stocks and Noah's arks (Jan 5)
If you don't believe in AGW, the terrorists win (Jan 3)
Last call (Jan 2)
Celebrating science (Jan 1, 2011)

Merci beaucoup (Dec 31, 2010)
World Wildlife Fund infiltrates UK government (Dec 30)
Best of 2010 at NoFrakkingConsensus (Dec 28)
Future babble (Dec 27)
Have a little faith (Dec 25)
Season's greetings - via Maggie's blog (Dec 24)
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232 opinions concerning the IPCC (Dec 21)
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Missing documents, unfulfilled promises (Dec 15)
Forty years of drama queen scientists (Dec 13)
If the science is so persuasive, why the theatrics? (Dec 11)
The UN's grim fantasy: one-child laws (Dec 9 )
A powerful new research tool (Dec 7)
Why people think public transit sucks (Dec 7)
New York Times reporter spanks the UN (Dec 5)
Speaking of holiday cheer... (Dec 4)
Why I'm giving 'The Hockey Stick Illusion' for Xmas (Dec 3)
World War II rationing - the 'hated sacrifice' (Dec 1)

Kevin Anderson: the ration card man (Nov 30)
The Royal Society's big oil award (Nov 29)
Why good judgment matters (Nov 28)
Appalling rhetoric from a climate skeptic (Nov 26)
Greenpeace's 12th century technology (Nov 24)
The non-stop disaster narrative (2-minute video) (Nov 22)
UN style empirical research (Nov 20)
Should UN employees be IPCC lead authors? (Nov 18)
Suzuki's Children (The Political Kind) (Nov 16)
Monkeys could do this (Nov 14)
Splattergate - six weeks later (Nov 12)
Lest we forget the importance of liberty (Nov 11)
Margaret Atwood should resign from PEN Int'l (Nov 10)
Slaying the unicorn (Nov 8)
When is a job offer not a job offer? (Part 2) (Nov 6 )
When is a job offer not a job offer? (Part 1) (Nov 5)
Still clueless in Australia (Nov 4)
Wind and solar in fantasy land (Nov 2)
Wind power's double standard (Nov 1, 2010)

Halloween's eco monsters (Oct 30)
Message to young journalists: connect the dots (Oct 29)
Speech crimes & ethics 101 (Oct 28)
Glimpses of Delingpole (photos) (Oct 27)
The media messes up (Oct 26)
Local government is not about being green (Oct 25)
An even younger senior author (Oct 22)
Meet the IPCC's youngest lead author (Oct 21)
More grad student expertise (Oct 20)
Lead author lacked a Master's degree (Oct 19)
The non-stop IPCC spin machine (Oct 18)
Rub asbestos on your face, why don't cha (Oct 15)
The IPCC's confused chairman (Oct 14)
David Suzuki's five kids (Oct 13)
Transformational Canadians (Oct 11)
Extinction fiction (Oct 9)
Another IPCC train wreck: species extinction (Part 2) (Oct 7)
Greenpeace and the violent video (Oct 5)
Another IPCC train wreck: species extinction (Part 1) (Oct 4)
If we are not free to disagree, we are not free (Oct 1, 2010)

Blood & gore against global warming (Sept 30)
David Suzuki's odd view of women (Sept 27)
The politics of fear (Sept 24)
Can we recycle Bono? (Sept 22)
Seven (real) questions for David Suzuki (Sept 20)
Anti-science claim is devoid of meaning (Sept 17)
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Politicians dressed in lab coats (Sept 12)
The new graduate who served as IPCC lead author (Sept 9)
Are humans parasites? (Sept 7)
The book the IPCC plagiarized (Sept 3)
[IPCC chairman] Pachauri defrocked (Sept 1 )
Conflict-of-interest at the IPCC (Aug 30 )
Extreme nonsense (Aug 27 )
IPCC author profile: Alistair Woodward (Aug 25, 2010)

See you in mid-August - IPCC related links (July 5 )
1969 climate predictions miss by a mile (July 3)
IPCC says climate prediction impossible (June 30 )
The legal disclaimers behind the climate science (June 28 )
The story that should be on the front page (June 26)
Who is William R.L. Anderegg? (June 24 )
Climate bible's new authors announced (June 23 )
Climate skeptics photo essay - Part 2 (June 22 )
Scientists & science journalists - please grow up (June 18 )
The activists, the poll & the data (June 15 )
Cross-examining the IPCC (June 13 )
How many IPCC scientists say so? (June 11 )
Climate skeptics photo essay - Part 1 (June 7 )
BP, Greenpeace & the big oil jackpot (June 4)
The media, Mother Nature and oil spills (June 1, 2010)

James [Delingpole] the Irreverent (May 30)
Forget genocide & malnutrition - Sudan leads IPCC (May 26)
We trusted too completely (May 24)
More IPCC mischief (May 21)
Intellectual freedom (May 20)
Skeptics' conference - first photos (May 16)
IPCC cites an unpublished journal 39 times (May 13)
Cutoff dates, what cutoff dates? (May 10)
Citizen Audit report is now a PDF (May 9)
Shielding climate orthodoxy from free speech (May 5)
IPCC snowed by snowmobile lobby (May 3)
Press release masquerade - Part 2 (Apr 30 )
IPCC falls for press release masquerade (Apr 28)
What the IPCC learned from press releases (Apr 26, 2010)

The Stern Review scandal (Apr 24)
Earth Day and the media (Apr 22)
Dr. Pachauri, call your office (Apr 21 )
A seasoned veteran's view of the IPCC (Apr 19)
IPCC reliance on grey lit 30 times UK threshold (Apr 18 )
What's left if we disregard non-peer-reviewed claims? (Apr 16)
The water cannon of the climate debate (Apr 15)
Climate bible gets 21 'F's on report card (Apr 14)
Poll: how many non-peer-reviewed references? (Apr 10)
Money to burn (Mar 31)
Earth Hour 2010 (Mar 26)
Does the IPCC prefer grey literature to peer-reviewed? (Mar 23)
The auditor - a cartoon by Josh (Mar 16)
Who's concerned about the climate report? (Mar 11)
Help audit the UN climate report: crowdsourcing project (Mar 8)
The great peer-review fairy tale (Mar 6)
Almost half non-peer-reviewed (Mar 4)
The battle for the soul of science (Mar 2, 2010)

Al Gore blows tobacco smoke in our face - again (Feb 28)
Let there be no more scientific consensuses (Feb 26)
Reuters' climate change fiction (Feb 24)
Independent bloggers vs corporate environmentalists (Feb 22)
Newsflash: snowless in Vancouver is perfectly normal (Feb 20)
Is this politics or science? (Feb 19)
The climate bible and the home inspector (Feb 17)
The cult of the expert (Feb 16)
A bogus 21-year-old climate prediction (Feb 15)
Valentine's Day and the scientific method (Feb 14)
Scientists' opinions are sometimes irrelevant (Feb 12)
Just one cotton-pickin' minute: a newspaper's U-turn (Feb 11)
James Hansen drags NASA into his personal politics (Feb 9)
Audi's 'Green Police' Superbowl ad (Feb 8, 2010)

Systemic failure: invasion of the drama queens (Feb 6)
Yes Virginia, the climate bible relies on news clippings (Feb 3)
What she said about the climate bible 3 months ago (Feb 2)
Weekend roundup: climate boss Pachauri (Feb 1)
We're always out-of-touch with the future (Feb 1)
Greenpeace and the Nobel-winning climate report (Jan 28)
NASA's mistaken glacier info (Jan 25)
More dodgy citations in the Nobel-winning IPCC report (Jan 23)
Time magazine's controversial glacier expert (Jan 21)
Silly earthquake commentary (Jan 16)
Green time capsule: 1970 eco ideas weren't pretty (Jan 15)
The big picture: the Y2K lesson (Jan 13)
Climate skepticism is free speech (Jan 11)
Climate psychics: 10-yr snow prediction fails miserably (Jan 7)
If we don't agree, you're crazy (Jan 5)
Al Gore's tobacco hypocrisy (Jan 1, 2010)

Global disaster is so 1976 (Dec 20)
Science says: hop on one foot (Dec 19)
Bill McKibben: extravagant emotional excess (Dec 15)
ClimateGate links (an intro to the controversy) (Dec 14)
Copenhagen banner says: scrap capitalism (Dec 13)
Al Gore: not this thinking woman's thinking man (Dec 12)
Our hyperactive planet (Dec 8)
We have heard this rhetoric before (Dec 8)
Why the Munk Debate proves the debate isn't over (Dec 2)
Is corporate e-mail private e-mail? (Nov 22)
Scientific organizations - should we trust them? (Nov 17)
Bullies need not apply (Nov 13)
Climate Confusion & The End of Nature (book review) (Nov 12)
Canada's tar sands and cancer rates (Nov 9)
Political idealogues are bad for the environment (Oct 24)
Bias: How the Media Distort the News (book notes) (Oct 23)
On saying the debate is over (2-min video & script) (Oct 13 2009)

The Honest Broker (book notes) (Sept 27)
An Appeal to Reason (book notes) (Sept 26)
The age of regret (Sept 21)
Predicting the future: zero visibility possible (Sept 15)
Did IQs drop sharply? (Aug 26)
How much is a bird's life worth? (oil vs wind turbines) (Aug 21)
Aerospace pioneer dismisses global warming (Aug 19)
Comic George Carlin on saving the planet (Aug 19)
This is not fair play (2-min video & script) (Aug 6)
Global warming and My Cousin Vinny (Aug 4)
Al Gore thinks your brain is too primitive (July 18)
Global temperatures are not our plaything (July 15)
James Hansen and the experts (July 6)
Do as I say, not as I do (greens reject consensus) (July 2, 2009)

Slurs, smears & money (June 19)
Common ground between skeptics & believers (June 12)
Hysteria from the skeptical side of the fence (Part 2) (May 22)
Hysteria from the skeptical side of the fence (Part 1) (May 21)
On the cusp (May 16)
Change happens (Apr 24)
Good girl, bad girl (Apr 15)
the beginning: That's it, I've had it (Apr 1)
prologue:The Economist hits an iceburg (Jan 10, 2009)

IPCC report card (citizen audit findings)

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